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We haven't had quality Thai food on the North Shore in many years, like they offer at Sawasdee. The ingredients are always fresh and the selection is impressive. We have spread the news of this fine restaurant to all of our friends on the North Shore and have hosted some of our friends from out of state. Their verdict about the quality was the same as ours.- Neil

The latest addition to Danvers Square, this Thai restaurant is immaculate in appearance and full of budget conscience entrees. Sawasdee, meaning "hello" and "goodbye" according to the hostess/waitress is soothing to the eyes, one can not help but to relax to the beautiful Asian decor and sweet aroma coming from the kitchen...Sawasdee is pleasant and romantic enough to visit on a regular basis, yet affordable.- Edgar's Review

Sawasdee Danvers has been a very welcome addition to downtown Danvers. They have very quickly become our first choice when deciding to dine out. The food is only rivaled by the atmosphere and service. If you like good sauces and tastefully prepared traditional Thai dishes, Sawasdee covers all the standards in their own unique way. Easily the best Thai food on the north shore with absolutely no pretension.- Nick

Consistently tasty and fresh Thai food. Great portions!- Mark

They say you eat with your eyes first, well lets just say my eyes were full along with my stomach. The beautifully designed website, the modern yet cozy and inviting interior, and last but not least, the bright and invigorating dishes all made my eyes fill with joy. But what really matters is the food. The extensive menu contains everything you could dream of, and even held some hard to find items like Thai Iced Tea and Thai Iced Coffee. From beginning to end you can taste that everything is created with fresh ingredients and bright flavors. All too many delicious meals are spoiled by inattentive wait staff, even though there was only a single hostess and one waitress I never felt like a forgotten customer waiting for service. Sawasdee's attention to detail could only be described as perfection. In only a few months the flower, which is Sawasdee, has blossomed into one of the most spectacular Thai restaurants around.- John

Can I just say YUM! I have not had exceptional Thai food like this in a long time. There is such a variety of dishes and I have always had consistency in an amazing meal I have ordered at least once a week for 2 months now and my favorites have been consistely wonderful. Will be better when they can serve liqour as well. Highly recommended!!- Marla

This is our second visit, just as good, if not better than the first. The decor is beautiful as is the attention to detail in the dishes, cutlery, and table settings. The bathroom is super clean. The food is fresh; love the fresh spring rolls, with whole mint leaves tucked in. Our party shared a wide variety of items - all delicious. Finished with ginger deep fried ice cream. Yum.- Elsje

You'll love it! I do!! The food is hot, fresh and delicious. I particularly LOVE the Green Papaya Salad (Somtom). It's my favorite-hot, mild or medium-I've had them all. Oh, and another favorite is the Crab Rangoon. Have you ever had Mango Sticky Rice for dessert?? You gotta try it!! The service is friendly and very attentive-no need to ask for refills, the staff is one step ahead of you. This is one of the cleanest restaurants I have ever been in. What more can I say! AWESOME!- Adriana

This is honestly by far the best Thai restaurant I've been to, and I've been to many! The fresh vegetables, shrimp, and sauces are amazing. I've been telling everyone I know about Sawasdee- I hope they open another location closer to Boston so I can go more often!- Kate

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